Discover your path to growth…

Vision Class

Starting Point is the first class in our growth track and it’s really more than a class too.  We invite you to join us for dinner.  Join us as we give you the opportunity to learn more about our church, our leadership team and give you an opportunity to ask questions.  

Essentials Class

Discover the basic foundations of our faith.  Click on the box below to be reminded when the next class is available.

Discipleship Class

Join this class and discover the spiritual disciplines that you can develop and begin creating habits that lead you to grow in your relationship with God.

Discovery class

We all have a unique fit into the church as part of the body of Christ.  In this class, we will begin by teaching what does a healthy church body look like and how do you fit into it.

Contagious Class

Jesus made it clear that we can not hide our light, but our faith should shine like a city on a hill.  Our faith should be contagious as we share the gospel…the good news about Jesus.  We will teach you how to share your faith in a relational way as well as give you tools to lead others to begin their journey as disciples of Jesus.

Leadership Class

Discover your place in leadership and what is expected of you in your role as you learn to lead the church.

Weekly Reading Wednesday

Here is the Weekly reader for Wednesday Night Class.  

Loving God… Loving others… Making Christ Known… Together!

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